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Our Products
Our Products
Camelicious Camel Milk
Fresh Laban
Camelicious Ghee
Camelicious Cheeses
Camelicious Butter
Camelicious Ice Cream
Camelicious Mint Labneh
Camelicious Chilli Labneh
Camel milk powder & Camel milk whey powder
Our Products

Camelicious products such as our plain, fresh milk, our four flavored milk options, Laban and three types of cheese are currently available in the UAE and in Kuwait; the plain milk is also available in selected outlets in the UK.

All our products find encouraging resonance on those markets, not only from locals but also out of the expat community. We are confident that those products suit the palates of consumers in other markets around the globe and we believe in the potential of camel milk as such.

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