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Why Camel Milk?
The Tradition
Beauty & Well-Being
Camel milk contains a good amount ofLanolin and other natural moisturizingassets, providing a calming and soothing effect on the skin.

Research shows that camel milk has beneficial properties on treating psoriasis patients, by both ingestion and topical application.

Camel milk carries naturally occurring anti-aging properties such as Elastin, vitamin C and Lanolin, which can be used topically in creams, soaps and baths.

Camel milk supports the development of healthy bones, nails, hair, teeth and skin due to calcium, other minerals & vitamins.
Camel milk is closest in composition to human milk, therefore, more beneficial to babies and infants.
Camel milk is easy to include in family daily diet. Camel milk can substitute any other milk in cooking and baking, benefiting the health of the whole family.
Camel milk is smooth and natural in taste; not as distinctive as goat and sheep milk.
The natural pro-biotic features of camel milk assist the healthy bacteria growth within the gut and support a healthy and un-bloated digestion.
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