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Over 25 years ago, the idea of a camel-milking facility was born at the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) in Dubai. Research commenced on a small number of camels that were raised with the specific aim to obtain scientific proof of the outstanding health benefits of camel milk as an important part of the traditional Bedouin staple diet. The ultimate goal was to introduce camel milk to the markets and by doing so, to make it accessible to a large number of consumers.

After the completion of the research in 2003, Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP) was established. By 2006, the milk production facility was completed and the first camel milk products hit the UAE shelves in August of the same year. Since the initial establishment of the company EICMP has steadily widened the range of products under the brand name Camelicious.

The EICMP processing facility, housed within the camel farm, is unmatched; it is the world\'s first sophisticated camel milking plant, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and camel milk research. Special equipment for milking camels has been developed to optimize milk production and to increase the comfort of the camels during the process. The UAE production facility incorporates latest technologies and meets the most stringent regulations set by Dubai Municipality, the EU, and various global organizations responsible for food safety and hygiene. Furthermore, the production follows HACCP procedures.

Pioneering in developing a strong camel milk industry, EICMP, in coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Water, Dubai Municipality and CVRL, was listed the world-wide first camel milk production facility to receive EU Commission approval to export its products to the EU zone in 2013. Also the export permit to Malaysia was granted the same year. In addition, EICMP was awarded with the Malaysian Halal certification in August 2014.

EICMP to date accommodates a herd of more than 4,200 camels producing life-enriching Camelicious camel milk, which is available in plain and flavored varieties including strawberry, dates, saffron, and chocolate, as well as dairy products such as cheeses and Laban as well as Labneh and Ghee. Continuous research ensures the incessant development of more flavors and products.

As the pioneering company in commercial camel milk production EICMP is paving the way in many related fields such as camel breeding, camel milk processing, product development as well as research of potential uses of camel milk. With its technically advanced facilities the company is looking into future options for development and market expansion.

Being the market frontrunner, the company remains active in the field of research in order to carry the innovative spirit and products further into the world and to open new doors for this exceptional product. 

To date, the local and international demand for camel milk products is higher than the supply. EICMP is determined to grow production and to build a strong and sustainable camel milk industry in the UAE as the leading country worldwide.

Camelicious dairy products are currently sold in UAE and exported to Kuwait, Jordan, United Kingdom, Austria and Malaysia.

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